Vendor Performance Review


Well that’s us. Happily married : )
The event on 20th August went exceptionally well. Alhamdulillah.
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to our vendors for their efforts.

To summarize how our vendors fared throughout the entire time we had to liaise with them, I’ve come up with a satisfaction rating where criteria are solely based on vendor’s service, responsiveness, knowledge and their performance. The number of stars awarded represent the followings:

(*)  vendor who failed to meet client’s satisfaction
(**)  vendor who needs improvement
(***)  vendor who met client’s requirement
(****)  vendor who met and exceeds client’s expectation

Here’s a summary …


Read on to know the sassy story behind the rating. It’s pretty lengthy, so here we go…


Vynella Wedding & EventsScreenshot_20160821-201042Screenshot_20160821-201030Screenshot_20160821-201048

The vendor who caught us off guard with their exceptional workmanship! We received tons of compliments from our guests for the dias and catered food. In all honesty, we were quite skeptical that they could pull off what we envision because working with them was not all rainbows and butterflies so to speak. But kudos to Ella, Azli and team for their outstanding performance. (4/4 stars)

Es Henna FixIMG-20160902-WA0015.jpgScreenshot_20160821-201229.pngScreenshot_20160821-201221

The stench of henna has had me traumatized from young and followed me through adulthood. I dread the thought of having henna and was even contemplating for alternative to substitute it. Eventually, I succumbed to mum’s poodle looking eyes to have it for the wedding.

The young founder of Esheenafix, Eka pretty much got me distracted from the “stench” as she chats the night away. We covered a whole load of topic; from her wedding, to my wedding and everyone else’s. Haha! When Eka starts to ink me up I was pleasantly surprised that the paste was rather odorless. She later on explained that there isn’t much “stench” resonating through my nasal simply because the paste consists of all natural ingredients.

What impressed me the most about Eka, is her after-care service. She went the extra mile to ask her client how the henna has stained. She constantly gave the assurance that the stained will turned darker as the night progresses. True to her words, it did and I was one happy camper! (4/4 stars)

Bliss Photo & Cinema


Truly it was an honor to have Syarfique as our official photographer. Punctual and professional. Always, on point with his directions and making everything look so effortless and natural! (4/4 stars)

Fleurs By Spoleczny

Screenshot_20160905-153142.pngAnd what do you know.. This B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L wedding bouquet was crafted by Syarfique’s dearest wife, Yati. Oh my god! This lady is sooo accommodating to my needs! Despite having to change the color palette at the eleventh hour, still she was able to execute to my request. No fuss. No complain. It was such a pleasure to work with this dynamic duo! (4/4 stars)

VideosmithScreenshot_20160905-163857.jpg(click to watch video)

Another power couple that’s worth mentioning would be Umi and Fad! Both of them are equally compatible. Can you believe it, if we told you that Fad lost all his camera gears 10 minutes upon his arrival to the hotel? All is good when we found out that the janitor mistakenly thought it was trash since mister smarty pants left it at the hallway. Fad O’ Fad!

Despite the circumstances, they managed to produce this summary clip a day after the event! Fad’s incident made the whole ceremony much more memorable for us. After a day of changing outfits and running around, we had a good laugh reminiscing how everything went. (4/4 stars)



We would be walking down the aisle naked if not for pretty dresses and suits from Petisolek! The second outfit was indeed a jaw dropper and a show stopper. Long train accompanied by embellished embroidery –  a mix of modern meets traditional. The decision to swap for Primadona collection at the last legged was totally worth it!

Credits goes to Qee as well for her magical delicate fingers that made me look ever so demure. Instructing me ever step of the way; what to do and where to seat. Most importantly making sure that I don’t fall flat on my face with my 6 inch stilettos! – which I almost did. (4/4 stars)

Ola Lola


(click to watch video)

Arfah from Olalola is another easy vendor to work with. She managed to give her very own twist of the look that I was looking for. All I did was to provide her with the color scheme of my choice and BAM! She nailed it in an instant! And it looked soooo good on camera! (4/4 stars)



Since we have international guests attending to our wedding, we were a bit concerned if the food catered would be too spicy for their taste buds. But we figured that ice cream would suffice to complement those spicy kick flavors and definitely act as palate cleanser. Besides, who doesn’t like ice cream anyway right?

Fiza and team did a wonderful job decorating their booth. Working with Fiza and hubby was a breeze. They adviced us accordingly to the number of tubs that would be sufficient to serve the number of guests attending and informed us in advance how they strategized to serve 2000 guests. An extra stars awarded to them for serving the guests with a smile. (4/4 stars)



Since the theme was to go for an all white wedding, I just had to synchronize the bunga manggar to the decor as well. Yes, I’m as OCD as that! The only person who is kind enough to customize my silly request was Yanti from Permata. God bless her soul for entertaining this bridezilla. Haha! (3/4 stars)

Ribbons & Ties


If you think of sireh dara who else would you turned to if not to Ribbons & Ties. It was hassle free liaising with Ila – Emailed. Paid. Collected. Returned. As easy as that. (3/4 stars)



At this time and age, it’s not easy to source for vendor who still crafts bunga pahar. I was lucky enough to cross path with Kak Su from Divanista who is willing to take in to my request and still charged it at a reasonable price. (3/4 stars)



The man was given a choice if he would like to keep it traditional with a 3 tiered cake or go for something modern like macaroon tower or tiers of cake jars. Obviously, my dearest boy decides to go for the former. But hey what do you know this yummy looking thing is sooooo delicious! Esteefa did a fantastic job! Just one bite and it knock us out with its flavor. (3/4 stars)




The cake will not be complete without its topper, don’t you think so? So we decided to engage Kerine from KCottageStudio to add some subtle humor to our cake. She was prompt with her email and so was her deliverable. (3/4 stars)

A Love Knot


A little something something for the guest to bring home – Cookies! Though the portion was tiny but the quality of the cookies were consistent and yummy. Happy belly. Happy me. So no complain to lodge over here. Hehe! (3/4 stars)




(click to watch video)

Akrab Entertainment – Hakim, the gentleman in spectacle, don in blue traditional wear was the guy we engaged to be the emcee for our event. Properly attired, good-natured and fluent in both English and Malay language. Plus, humorous too.

Akrab Kompang – You can never go wrong with this team to bring what they got! The whole ballroom was drown by their soulful voice.

Combining Akrab entertainment and kompang services together was truly a perfect match. What more could we asked for. Keep it up boys! (3/4 stars)



TheKad was not as accommodating as compared to the rest of the other vendor hence the reason they received a slightly lower rating. She was rather calculative and inflexible at our requests. Perhaps she needs to learn to say no to her client if she can’t handle her workload so that she would be much complying to her future clients. Anyway, it was nice knowing you Nazira. (2/4 stars)

Overall, I’m very contented to have this awesome bunch of dedicated vendors to rely on for my big day. With all the news going around about vendors cheating on client’s money, we were very blessed that our paths were cleared from such misfortune.



Oh! Before the curtain call, we’ll like to give a special shoutout to our dashing-looking groomsmen and bridesmaids for rendering their assistance on our big day. Thank you for entertaining to our every request and keeping us sane throughout the entire ceremony. We can’t thank you enough but just know how grateful we are of your presence and that we love each and every single one of you!

-T H E   E N D –


Every story has an end
but in life every end is just a new beginning.


32 thoughts on “Vendor Performance Review

  1. AmirahZaidi says:

    OMG I ACTUALLY SCREENSHOT-ED YOUR DULANG AND SEND IT TO MY FIANCE. AHAHHA SO ITS YOURS. I was like lovey eyed with him about the dulang and told him that, that is my inspiration if i were to DIY my own. HEHHE YOUR WEDDING IS GORGEOUS. Selamat pengantin baru! Hehehe.

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  2. Alhamdulillah, Mabrouk to ur marriage and new journey with le husband.. Ur wedding looks perfect and oh u look so stunning sis.. May allah swt blessed you with so much love, happiness and courage.. Amin.. Ehem! Honeymoon post soon pls!

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